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Auto Accident Chiropractic

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most severe traumatic incidents that a body can be subjected to. During an accident several traumatic forces are put on the body (often at the same time).

Woman with sore neck from accidentFirst there is a rapid deceleration of the body which is generally resisted by a tightened seatbelt. Since the seatbelt’s purpose is to keep you in the car (and not be ejected) this deceleration force holds you tightly against the seat back while your head and neck continue to travel forward (whiplash-type injury).

The forward travel of your head and neck is resisted by the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bony structures. This puts a great deal of strain on these tissues with resultant soft tissue damage, stretching of the spinal cord and compressive forces applied to the bones.

Generally, if your head and neck are turned at the time of the accident or you brace yourself prior to major collision, greater soft tissue damage occurs. Motor vehicle accidents cause many injuries to the human body including moving bones of the spinal column out of their proper relational position with one another. This misalignment is called a spinal subluxation.

If these misalignments heal in a misaligned position it can cause a persistant irritation as this area of the spine attempts to go through its normal range of motion. This irritation can become a stronger and sharper pain and even begin radiating away from the spine down into the shoulder(s), arm(s) or hand(s) or the lower back, thigh(s), and leg(s).

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Uncorrected, these subluxations can lead to earlier disc degeneration and development of degenerative arthritis. For this reason it is very important to have a chiropractic evaluation after being involved in even a minor accident. The earlier a spinal subluxation is detected and treated, the greater the possibility of quick and complete correction.

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