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Workers’ Compensation

Group of workersA Workers’ Compensation injury is an injury that occurs while in the performance of a work duty. An injury can occur at work in many different ways from simply bending over while putting a file away to lifting a heavy bag of cement. Being in an awkward position while you are working can cause not only a strain to your spine but it can also shift bones of the spine (vertebra) out of proper alignment with the vertebra that are above or below it.  If this misalignment occurs it is called a spinal subluxation.

When vertebra are misaligned, as you move through normal ranges of motion this area can get irritated and feel sore or stiff. As the irritation continues the pain can become sharper and stronger. It may even start radiating from the spine to the shoulder and into the arm or from your lower back to your thigh or down your leg.

It is very important to have a chiropractic evaluation if you have injured yourself at work. 

Often injured workers will ignore the pain from an on-the-job injury or take medication in an attempt to cover up the pain. This is a mistake because if the cause of the pain is not corrected, healing of the area can occur in the wrong way, leaving the worker with a problem that may re-occur or get worse with time.

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The sooner spinal subluxations are detected and treated, the faster they can be corrected and the more likely is the prognosis for a complete recovery. Rehabilitation is often a very important part of the recovery process, especially if the job you perform is a very physical one.

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